Monica-379 (426x640) (1)“I feel like a new person” – Monica S. (Swansea, UK)

“Over the last two years my diet went from bad to horrifyingly bad. Plenty of wine, microwave meals, cake, chocolate and anything else that’s bad for your health. I became more listless, demotivated, lethargic, fat and, of course, very unhealthy.

I have tried every weight loss plan under the sun. I found them extremely disheartening, discouraging and depressing. Others on the same diet were losing 3 -4 pounds per week, I was lucky if I lost half a pound. After two weeks I’d get so depressed about it, I’d turn to my reliable solace, food. And binge. It was an awful cycle of guilt, brief pleasure and back to guilt and self-loathing. Etain had told me about the Bliss Body Detox program, for some time. But I found it too crazy and could not see myself surviving on liquids alone. And, the thought of colemas just put me right off. I discarded her advice. In the mean time, my health issues just got worse and worse. So after yet another long conversation with Etain in December, about the program, I decided I’d give it try. I had a few weeks to prepare myself psychologically and also start the pre-cleanse diet, before the package of goodies arrived.

I was so impressed with how everything was prepared for you. The supplements that were included were provided specifically around MY health issues, not just general supplements anyone can take. Everything I needed was there. No excuses. Once I had done the first colema, the rest became easier and easier to cope with and I got into a more comfortable routine with it. It is a tough program that needs 100% commitment but Etain made it easier than I was expecting. She guided me every step of the way, checked up on me every morning to find out how the colemas went and how I was feeling. She gives you constant advice and support, which I found invaluable. I do not believe I would have made it through two weeks without her. She knows what she’s talking about and explains everything to you as you’re going along. The weird things you see after colemas, the strange feelings and emotions you go through, Etain helps you make sense of it all.

When I finished the program I felt like a completely different person. I surprise myself every day with how much “get up and go” I have. I’m getting more done in a day, I’m sleeping so well and my thinking is much clearer. I feel upbeat, positive and more determined and confident than I’ve felt in years. I can handle the stress at work better and my energy levels no longer crash by 4pm. At the beginning my concern was that I would be hungry through the program. I was not, at all. I’m now eating smaller portions, have no desire or craving for snacks and the best part of it for me, I lost a stone! My clothes are looser, my skin is smoother and my face is glowing. There are very noticeable improvements to my health and I feel like, for the first time in 4 years, I’m heading in the right direction.

I cannot recommend Etain’s program highly enough. It’s magical. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

“Thank you Etain”

I am now half way to my target weight and this process has made it feel very possible suddenly instead of a million miles away.

I can’t believe I was stuck with the belief that “You just get fat when you’re a mum” for 7 years without doing anything and in 3 weeks I’ve achieved so much already and now can’t imagine going back to my old ways.

This detox has taught me so much – I feel more connected to my body than I have since I gave birth the last time… I feel a deep reverence and respect for it, for everything it’s done for me, it’s done it’s best even when I’ve abused it… I love it for that!
And also, this detox has taught me how much what we put into our body affects our consciousness. My dreams have been coming NIGHTLY. I’ve been having conversations with people I haven’t had closure with in the past and bringing those circles to a close. My meditations are deeper.

I just want to say THANK YOU to Etain. Hun you have seriously changed my life! I can’t believe how I feel after such a short time and I’m excited to continue on this journey.

Michelle H. – Koh Samui

Michelle H. lost 7kilos in 3 weeks with the Bliss Body Home Detox!

“Yoga From The Heart”

224136_396175150467947_1804878034_nI was lucky enough to meet Etain at the Detox Center in Koh Samui I visited in 2012. I had gone to do a 28 day detox session looking to get my life centered and back in order health wise. The program was great but I was not able to do the group yoga sessions with a local instructor because of the physical shape I was in.

Etain works as a nutritionist as well as leading other programs at the resort. I soon discovered her passion and empathy as well as knowledge when discussing nutrition extended into the other facets of her life’s work such as her Yoga. I saw that she offered private lessons so I went to talk with her. It was the one of the best decisions I have made in my life! Working with Etain and Yoga helped me to become not just more fit along with the detox program but, the breathing exercises and meditation I learned helped reduce my blood pressure even beyond the weight loss until I had to stop the medication I was on (a goal I had hoped for but was not sure was possible after taking the medication for four years). My blood pressure had returned to normal and the medication was producing uncomfortable side effects (dizziness, nausea) which stopped after I discontinued the pills. I ended that session a new person with a new lease on life. I later returned in 2013 for a shorter detox session and had private yoga lessons again with Etain.

The nutrition and yoga training I have received from Etain has been one of the most instrumental elements of a change for the better in my health both physical and emotional. She has the gift of passing on to others her joy in yoga and passion for a healthy lifestyle. I am currently still off any medication and continuing to lose weight in a healthy way through practicing healthy food combinations, exercise and yoga. Thank you Etain for helping me attain the quality of life I have now!
Lynn A. Aderholt
Alaska, USA

I have been to a couple of detoxes around the world, and really enjoyed meeting Etain in Thailand in December 2012. She has great knowledge on nutrition and on how best to nuture your body for a healthy lifestyle. She is great inspiration and I have contacted her on a few times since meeting her for advice on my own health regimes and diets. What I really value about advice from Etain is that it goes beyond just weight loss but more incorporates healthy living as a whole in order to maximise both weight loss and also energy and health. I would happily take any detox advice Etain gives out!
Natalie S.
Sydney Australia

photo (12)I had the pleasure of meeting with following the guidance of Etain early in 2014.

Although I had a basic knowledge of nutrition and wellness there was so much I didn’t know that I didn’t know- until I met Etain. Under Etain’s guidance I lost 11kg and have kept it off. I still enjoy some of the things that I know I should not but I learnt how to balance my cravings and how to manage my diet according to my body type.

Etain’s knowledge of the body, diet and wellness is second to none.  Without hesitation I recommend working with Etain to achieve your wellness goals be it diet, yoga or detox.
Cyndi Darnell
Melbourne, Australia

jenHi, I travelled to Thailand in March 2013 to do a 21 day Detox and had the pleasure to have Etain as one of my health (facilitators)? Etain was very knowledgable, professional, non judgemental and so easy to talk to about personal matters. One thing that will stay with me is Etain really does live a very fit and healthy lifestyle 24/7 and was a great role model and mentor for a person like myself who had never experienced a detox. Thank you Etain, and give those adorable cats of yours a good scratch behind the ears for me x
Jennifer Armstrong
Marian, QLD Australia


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