Private Yoga Classes – Koh Samui

utthita hasta padangusthasanasmall

utthita parsvorkanasana I am offering private Yoga and Pranayama classes on the island of Koh Samui.  I am happy to practice Yoga at a location of your choice – your hotel, home, private villa, or the beach.  My style is Vinyasa Flow, or “Ashtanga-style” Yoga, and can be modified to suit any level.   I base my sessions on the Ashtanga Primary Series, with modifications.  I can tailor your class to suit your Yoga level and preferences.

I am a 500 Hour certified Yoga instructor.  My training comprises the 200 Hour certified training with Yoga London (Vinyasa Flow), and an additional 300 hours with Chandra Yoga in India, incorporating a wider spectrum of Hatha Yoga and the 8-limbed Ashtanga System.

The many benefits of private lessons include, but are not limited to:
– Learning/practicing Yoga the way the gurus taught Yoga – an intimate setting where the exchange between teacher and student allows for a deeper understanding of the practice
– Deepening your personal practice at a pace that suits you
– Giving yourself space to discover Yoga or further your practice without the “competitive” element, thereby minimizing risk of injury
– More interactive experience between teacher and student – Increase strength and flexibility, whilst maintaining focus on your own practice
– Learning the correct methods of breathing/breath control to enhance your practice, lower stress levels, improve digestion, and boost energy levels
– Discover yourself and have fun in an environment that is comfortable and serene

I have had the pleasure of teaching students of many different levels in Yoga and Pranayama, and the positive changes in their lives has been extremely rewarding.   I have been lucky enough to assist people with various afflictions and illnesses, using Yoga to assist them in relinquishing their dependency on dangerous and unnecessary medications.

The practice and philosophy of Yoga is something I enjoy sharing with others.  If you would like a private Yoga/Pranayama session, please contact me here.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you!


3 Responses to Private Yoga Classes – Koh Samui

  1. justin cotter says:

    Hi there i will be on samui for a few days in june and i would like to take some private lessons perhaps 4-5 hours per day.i have some experience with ashtanga and also do my own simple routine regularly.
    I would be there for three days so probably 12-15 hrs if possible. Can you give me a price? Thanks .justin from ireland

  2. Shehzad Butt says:

    We are staying at a private villa in Chewamg beach area. Can you give 1 hr yoga sessions by the beach for next 3 days and what will be ur charges. Thanks

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