Home Detox & Weight-Loss

I developed the Bliss Body Home Detox in 2014, after identifying a niche in the market for a home detox program for those preferring to remain at home.  My program offers the same benefits and results as a full-service detox program, and includes daily Skype/email monitoring and support.  The program is safe, easy to follow, and effective.  My clients are located around the globe.  Pricing includes shipment of all supplements and products for the duration of the program.

I have worked in the detox industry for many years, and have personally witnessed people recover from a host of lifestyle-related illnesses; from obesity to type 2 diabetes, and more. Complete detoxification is the first port of call for any illness or health problem, and should restore the body to full health.  The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself if done right!

The Bliss Body Home Detox is uniquely designed for those who want the benefits of a detox resort, in the comfort of home.  It is a gentle and effective program that would suit anyone who has the desire to detox successfully at home.   This unique program includes daily professional online support and guidance.


  • All supplements for the duration of your program
  • All-natural Ayurvedic intestinal cleanser/parasite zapping capsules
  • Comprehensive, detailed instruction manual for the program
  • Daily itemised calendar with mealtimes, supplement schedule, and an exercise program
  • Recipes for smoothies and juices
  • Online Yoga classes (full-service programs only)
  • Colema kit
  • Liver flush kit & support
  • Kombucha Tea (Samui residents only)
  • Daily Skype support (full programs)
  • Daily email support (DIY programs)

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 CLICK HERE to view past client testimonials

 CLICK HERE to visit the Bliss Body Home Detox page



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