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5 Reasons Why Ashtanga Yoga Is A Great Addition To A Detox Program

5 Reasons why Ashtanga Yoga is so good to include in a detox program: Ujjayi Breath – is  very detoxifying, as it heats the body and expels toxins from the upper respiratory tract Sweat – the continuous movement in Ashtanga … Continue reading

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Yogic Secret To Longevity: The Tibetan Rites

Dear Readers It was in London in 2008 where I discovered a wonderful Kundalini Yoga teacher who changed my life forever, and who ultimately paved the way for me to become a Yoga teacher myself.  One of the regular features … Continue reading

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Yoga Life – Yoga retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand

FitHealthyFab – interview with YOGA LIFE Founding Director, Andy Betancourt Andy Betancourt, owner and co-founder of Yoga Life in Koh Samui was kind enough to sit down and give us a little insight into the background of his two retreats, … Continue reading

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