About me

I am a health consultant/nutritionist and yoga teacher, based in Thailand.  Through many years of study and self-experimentation, I have learned the true value of eating properly for optimum health.  Each person differs according to blood type, body type, Ayurvedic Dosha, as well as individual, inherited DNA.  What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.  I firmly believe that there is no need for gastric bypasses, heavy dieting, or extreme exercise to achieve the perfect body.  All one needs to do is eat according to their body type, and in accordance with nature’s menu.  Once this is achieved the body will digest food properly, fight disease, remain at its ideal weight, and function at full capacity.

It all begins with a commitment to lifestyle change and healthier living.  This is not easy in our modern society, but it is achievable.  FitHealthyFab is my voice – an accumulation of my experience and research which I bring to the public for the pure enjoyment of helping others achieve their goal of being more healthy.

In addition to my blog, I have designed and launched a first-of-its-kind home detox program, whereby people can detox and cleanse in the comfort of home, with full online support and monitoring.  For more information on my program, please CLICK HERE

If you have any questions or comments, I would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for reading



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