Been Told To Have Your Gallbladder Removed? Then Read This…

Remove gallstones with the Bliss Body Home Detox.

Remove gallstones with the Bliss Body Home Detox.

As I sit here on my 4th day of the Bliss Body Home Detox, I realize how lucky I am to have discovered this method of self-healing, and how much I want to help others do the same. No matter what state of health you’re in, you can achieve optimal health with a plant-based liquid diet, supplements, daily colemas, liver flushing, and rest.

Aside from weight-loss, most people enter a detox program with the purpose of finding a greater level of health, combatting illness, or with the aim of giving up prescription medication. I’ve never encountered anyone enter a detox program with the intention of healing themselves, and failing.   Detoxification and fasting is a cure for just about any condition, mild or chronic. Our bodies are perfectly capable of self-healing, if given the right tools to do so.

Just about every, illness, ailment, and affliction is treatable without prescription medication, or surgery.

Let’s take gallstones, for example. Over half a million gallbladders are removed every year in the US alone. For most people, this operation is unnecessary. It’s also dangerous. The gallbladder’s duty is to collect bile from the liver for the break down of fats and oils. Removing the gallbladder will not eliminate the problem, given that the problem begins in a liver damaged by lifestyle choices. The liver will still continue to produce bile, but without the gallbladder, bile just gets dumped into the intestines, resulting in a lifetime of digestive disorders and other health complications.

I have seen many people pass gallstones safely and effectively, through the process of liver flushing. A few years ago I worked with someone who passed a couple dozen actual gallstones after his 3rd liver flush. Had he not chosen this method of healing, he’d probably be on the operating table right now.  He is but one of many examples of people taking their lives and their health into their own hands through detox and natural healing.

Years ago a doctor told me that my digestion problems were a result of my gallbladder, and that I would probably have to remove it. This was his prognosis after prodding my belly with his fingers for a few seconds. It’s this kind of quack diagnosis that costs people their health and their organs, while the medical industry continues to profit.

Years later, after many detoxes and a complete lifestyle change, I have none of the symptoms I had then. As it turns out, my issue was simply a lack of good gut bacteria, which was easily remedied by consuming fermented foods.   I am now in the best health of my life at 44, and I have no need for doctors, prescription medication, or unnecessary surgeries of any kind.

If you suspect that you may have gallstones, let natural healing be your first choice before you rush to the operating table.   If you’re unable to attend a detox resort, perhaps a home detox is the answer for you. The Bliss Body Home Detox is safe, effective, and easy to follow. Using plant-based supplements, fruit, and vegetables, the program is right for anyone, regardless of age, weight, or state of health.

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