The Good Fat

Since the mid 20th century we’ve been indoctrinated into the belief that eating fat causes us to be fat, and fat-free products are better for us. More and more evidence is emerging to prove just the opposite.  For decades we’ve bought into the fat-free industry, but the drawbacks of avoiding fat often means we consume more sugar instead. Eating low-fat food causes us to eat more, as fat is filling. These “fat-free” foods are usually just high calorie carbohydrate and sugar-filled foods, and have been linked from obesity all the way to Alzheimer’s.

The Saturated Fat Myth

There are good fats, and there are bad fats. Saturated fats have been wrongly demonized for years. Take coconut oil, for example. It’s a medium-chain fatty acid, requiring no pancreatic enzymes for digestion, converting straight to energy when consumed. Containing beneficial lauric acid, coconut oil is probably one of nature’s finest sources of energy. And it won’t make you gain weight; in fact, some studies suggest it actually encourages weight-loss.

Because coconut oil converts straight to energy without being stored as fat, it is the perfect supplement to take before a workout, or as a “snack” between meals. Nothing curbs hunger, or gives you a burst of energy quite like a shot of coconut oil!

Some more coconut oil facts:

  • In cultures where coconuts/coconut oil is the predominant food, obesity and heart disease are literally unheard of
  • Lauric acid destroys harmful pathogenic bacteria in the body. Raw coconut oil is a great anti-fungal and antibacterial remedy
  • Coconut oil is beneficial for the external body too, as it protects the skin against sunburn, and nourishes and protects the hair
  • It is a stable oil with a high smoke point (about 450F), so it’s ideal oil for cooking
  • There are many documented cases where coconut oil consumption has lead to improved brain activity in Alzheimer’s patients

The benefits of coconut oil are literally too vast to list extensively, but the research is widely available. The best piece of advice I could possibly give anyone about coconut oil is to take a shot of cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil every day and see and feel the results for yourself!

This integral fat is used as part of the Bliss Body Home Detox, to give the body a source of energy during the process.  To find out more, please visit:


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