Detox The Body With Fruit & Vegetables

There seem to be a lot of supplements, shakes, and detox “wonder” pills on the market, which promise to flush the liver, detox the body, and promote weight-loss. While a lot of these supplements may contain natural ingredients such as milk thistle, they are useless if taken alongside a normal diet of meat, dairy, processed foods, etc.

Detoxification means that the excretory organs (liver, kidneys, and bowel) must rest from their duties. This allows the body’s enzymes to effectively cleanse and rid the body of damaged tissue, rather than fulfilling their usual task of breaking down and digesting food.

This process does not really occur if we’re eating what we regularly eat and taking a “detox supplement”, as the body still has to break down the food and supplement, instead of concentrating on detox duties. So you see, those supplements are little more than a marketing gimmick, for the most part.   If you want to really detox the body, you need to do the following:

  • Drink juiced organic fruit and vegetables only. Both fruit and veg have exclusive benefits for the detox process: Fruits cleanse and purge; vegetables restore and renew.
  • Take a plant superfood supplement to ensure that you maintain your mineral levels throughout your detox. This is really important! Chlorella is my first choice, as it not only has a complete mineral profile, but it draws out heavy metals from the body.
  • Drinking alkaline or oxygenated water. This is really important, as normal water isn’t “live” and is devoid of oxygen. If you cannot find oxygenated water, then add a tiny bit of Sodium Bicarbondate to your water, or add some juice from squeezed limes to make it more alkaline.
  • Have clear mineral-rich, potassium broth soups. You want the digestion to rest as much as possible; ensure you drink just the broth, and not the vegetable starch.

Ensuring a detox program is successful and safe requires a lot of hands-on knowledge and expertise.   Although detox resorts are not the answer for everyone, everyone deserves the opportunity to benefit from such a program.If you would like to experience the benefits of a full-service detox resort in the comfort of home with professional support, please get in touch for a free consultation!


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