Why Organic Pineapples?

2015-02-10 18.25.47Can you tell the difference between the two pineapples in this picture? Look closely, and you will see a slight difference in their appearance. The pineapple on the right is organically grown; the pineapple on the left is not. It’s difficult to tell by looking at the photograph, but there are definite, yet subtle, differences in the two.

I recently learned that conventionally grown pineapples are subjected to large amounts of pesticides and agrochemicals. Entire crops are repeatedly sprayed to allow steady and consistent harvesting. Many people are of the opinion that the thick rind prevents the absorption of pesticides into the flesh, but given the intensity and frequency of the spraying, this is just not true.

To quote Fernando Ramirez, a leading agronomist in Costa Rica:
“Pineapples need very large amounts of pesticides, about 20kg of active ingredient per hectare per cycle. The soil is sterilized; biodiversity is eliminated. Fourteen to 16 different types of treatment are typically needed, and many have to be applied several times. They use chemicals that are dangerous for the environment and human health.”

I corroborated this fact with a local Thai friend who worked as a crop sprayer driver in the past. His advice to me? Stay well away from the local pineapples, unless they are organic!

Given this information, there is simply no reason to eat conventionally grown pineapples when the organic variety is readily available. I take great pride in the fact that the pineapples used in my kombucha tea are locally sourced, organic only!

Try a glass today at one of following locations, in Koh Samui:
Lamphu Health Store – Lamai
The Source – Lamai
Organic Life – Lamai
Lamai Veggie – Lamai
Yogarden – Bophut

For more info on kombucha tea, please contact info@blissbodysystem.com


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