Good Digestion Is The Foundation Of Abundant Health

An indisputable fact about our digestion is that it is the cornerstone of good health. Without good digestion we cannot expect to enjoy a healthy state of mind or body. Think about the last time you had indigestion – was it a good feeling? Of course not!

When our digestive system suffers, we suffer. Digestion is a process using an enormous amount of energy, working behind the scenes 24/7, to break down all the many different food combinations in our modern-day diet. Remember all those Thanksgiving dinners? Christmas dinners? Roast dinners with many different dishes? How tired we feel after eating those meals!

The tiredness we experience after a big meal is the enormous amount of energy being used by the body to fulfil its duty of digestion.

The long-term implications of a sluggish digestion are at the very best, weight-gain, and at the worst, disease and/or death. If the body is overfed and overtaxed with incompatible food combinations, then elimination slows down, toxins build up in the body, creating an ideal environment for disease to develop.

Think back to when you last ate a really healthy meal. It could have been today, yesterday, or maybe even a year ago. Do you remember how good you felt afterwards?   If you had a lot of energy, then that was a sure sign that the food you ate was good for you, was digested easily, and was assimilated and eliminated with ease.

You know you’re eating the right foods when:

 Your food tastes good
√ Your food is easy to chew and swallow
 Your food does not cause discomfort after swallowing
 Your food does not create gas, burping, bloating, constipation, or pain in the abdomen
√ You feel energised after the meal
√ You have a bowel movement soon afterwards

To enjoy good digestion and radiant health, you should:

 Eat a 70% water-based (alkaline) diet (raw fruit and veg should make up the bulk of your daily intake)
 Chew food slowly and carefully. Your food should be almost liquid before swallowing, to encourage easier digestion in the stomach
 Separate your animal proteins and starchy carbohydrates as much as possible. The two don’t digest well together properly, due to requiring different digestive enzymes
√ Avoid processed foods, sugar, wheat, and fried foods as much as possible
 Include lots of raw green vegetables in your daily diet. The enzymes in these foods assist with the digestion of concentrated foods
 Never eat fruit after a meal, and eat one kind of fruit at a time
√ Eat fruit on an empty stomach
 Never eat a big meal at night
√ Never drink water during a meal, it dilutes the digestive juices!

And most importantly: If you food has you reaching for antacids, then it’s probably doing you more harm than good. Our bodies shouldn’t require chemicals to break down and digest the very medicine we consume to sustain life. Think about that for a minute!

If you feel you have a sluggish digestion, and would like advice on diet, detox, weight-loss or cleanse, please visit: for a free consultation.

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