5 Fascinating Facts About Kombucha Tea

ImageIf you are new to the world of Kombucha Tea and are wondering how this fizzy, vinegary beverage could possibly be doing you any good, then sit back, enjoy a nice chilled glass of tea, and consider these facts:

1. Kombucha has been known about for roughly 2000 years.  It has been traced back to the Chinese Dynasty 221 B.C., where it was drunk with the purpose of achieving immortality and retaining youth.    It was also believed that drinking Kombucha gave a person strength.  It was considered a magical elixir of youth and vitality.

2. After WWII, Russian scientists conducted research in the regions of Ssalikamsk and Beresniki , where intriguingly, there were no reported cases of cancer, despite it being an area inundated with factories emitting pollution more than anywhere else in the country at the time.  In addition, area residents were said to be heavy drinkers and smokers, and yet the area showed very little disease of any kind. This baffled the scientists, given the high levels of toxicity in the air, soil, and water.  After extensive research, the scientists found that most residents habitually drank something called “Tea Kvass”, or “Mushroom Wine”.   

3. When Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenytsin fell ill with stomach cancer which metastasised into his lungs, it was said that he cured himself by drinking Kombucha Tea.  As the story goes, government officials were so desperate to get their hands on this ‘miracle mushroom tea’ that they were willing to sacrifice their entire fortunes to get it.  When Ronald Reagan found out he had stomach cancer in 1983, he took Solzehnystin’s example and consumed a litre of Kombucha every day.  He lived for another 19 years, believing that the tea ‘cured’ him of his cancer.

4. Kombucha contains glucuronic acid, which binds to toxins in the body (specifically contaminants found in food, air and water), and flushes them out of the body via the kidneys.  Clinical studies on patients showed that those who drank Kombucha had higher levels of environmental toxins and heavy metals in their urine, revealing the powerful detoxifying effects of Kombucha Tea

5. Kombucha does not target one specific disease.  Instead, it’s ability to detoxify, coupled with it’s content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and beneficial acids, ensures that regular consumption of this delicious tea will surely help the body in its fight against disease.  



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