Yogic Secret To Longevity: The Tibetan Rites

Dear Readers

It was in London in 2008 where I discovered a wonderful Kundalini Yoga teacher who changed my life forever, and who ultimately paved the way for me to become a Yoga teacher myself.  One of the regular features of her class was a sequence called the “Tibetan Rites”, which we used in lieu of the standard sun salutations.  During the winter months when I wasn’t able to get to class so easily, I maintained my daily practice of this sequence at home, and enjoyed unprecedented changes in my body both physically, and mentally.

The Tibetan Rites – a series of five Yogic exercises – are rumored to have originated in the mountains of Tibet, and passed down through generations of monks who practiced them ritualistically to enhance their health and vitality, and to reverse the effects of aging.   Although they are roughly 2500 years old, they were only popularized in the 1930’s by an author who met a retired British colonel – Colonel Bradford.  He had lived in a Tibetan Monastery and claimed to have reversed the effects of aging using this practice on a daily basis.

I have found an excellent link succinctly detailing the entire process in simple, easy-to-follow steps.   If you are new to Yoga, it may be best to have a certified instructor walk you through the steps properly to avoid injury, and perhaps also schedule a check-up with your GP to ensure you are fit enough to practice this sequence, as it is quite physically challenging at first.

Please click the link below for the sequence.  Thanks for reading and enjoy the Tibetan Rites!





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