Part 6: The Devil That Is Fast Food


How many of you out there can truly say that you have ever been inside a fast-food chain restaurant, and salivated in anticipation of what you were about to eat?  Have you ever really enjoyed the experience of eating something fast and greasy, lingering over, and slowly savoring it?  The same way you would salivate and linger over a spit roast meal with lots of fresh salads and vegetables (i.e., real food).    I bet if you are really honest with yourself, the answer is – NEVER.

Your body knows what it wants, but it is being overridden by the mind when it comes to fast food.   What your body wants in that meal is the addictive additives – salt, wheat and sugar (of which make up 90% of the meal).  Take away the salt, wheat, sugar, and other additives, and what do you have?  Something dead and tasteless, right?  Hardly very appetizing indeed!

Yet strangely enough, there you are, devouring this “meal”.  So if it’s not the food you’re after, what is it?  You got it….the addiction to salt and sugar.  What your body really wants is to feed its addiction to the salt, the sugar, and the wheat in that fast food – all the ingredients that cause pandemonium for our health.  It’s not tasty, nutritious food; rather it’s cheap and nasty fast-food that fills a void without offering the body anything positive.  Yet millions of people go back for more every single day, despite the health warnings, despite common sense, and despite the obvious and dangerous side-effects.

If you pay close attention to the advertising and marketing by the corporate fast-food chains, you will notice that they go to extraordinary lengths to convince the public to consume their products.   One laughable (anonymous) example even has the audacity to offer a percentage of their profits from selling soda to the American Diabetic Association, with the aim – believe it or not – of tackling the rising epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes.  Is this incredible or what?  Buy a drink that contributes to this disease to tackle this disease.  And the absurdity doesn’t stop there.  There is a doctor who has apparently gone on record to reassure the public that a certain major chain’s hamburger is, in fact, good for your health.  From massive highway billboards to Olympic athlete sponsorship, these corporations will go to any length to convince the consumer that eating a large helping of salt, trans fat, sugar, and assorted chemicals disguised as food is perfectly healthy, safe, and desirable.

What you should know is this:  Fast food is designed to be addictive.  In fact, it’s been proven that these foods actually stimulate the pleasure centre of the brain, causing a person to overeat.  To put it in simple layman terms:  Because this food is highly processed and devoid of any real nutrients, it simply has to contain vast amounts of sugar and salt to give it some kind of taste.   Foods high in sugar gives the consumer a “feel good” sensation, with the same impact as say nicotine, or cocaine.  This is how the addiction process begins.  And believe me, this is one addiction you do not need.  When you eat fast food the feeling of pleasure is so immense, it overrides the reality that you may, in fact, not really be hungry at all – that you are simply fulfilling a need for the taste.  This is thanks to the sheer brilliance of the lab technicians who spend hours refining and processing this so-called “food”.  Add a bit of clever marketing; create a need where there wasn’t one before, and bam!  You have the consumer at your fingertips.    Fast food is such a staple in most people’s everyday lives that most don’t even stop to question its value.  Some children in the 21st century have never even eaten a salad, but they almost know the McDonalds menu off by heart.  Their parents give in to the demands for fast food, which is sadly often cheaper than real, healthy food.  This is a modern-day travesty.   In my childhood fast food was a treat, eaten on occasion.   How things have changed!

The truth about fast food is not exactly hidden from the public.  We’ve all most likely seen the picture circulating the internet of a hamburger that was kept in a fridge for 10 years without decomposing.  This is what millions of kids – in their formative years – are putting in their bodies!   If a child of 5 starts eating fast-food, “hamburgers and fries”, containing oodles of sodium and HFCS, what are his chances of growing up with a healthy body, and what will he be by age 30?   Parents need to think of this, as do adults who don’t think twice about stopping in for a greasy burger after a long night on the town.  This food is TOXIC.  Even one meal can have a lasting [negative] effect on the body; the blood vessels, heart, liver, and kidneys.  But eaten every day?  Or every week?  Can you imagine what that does to the large intestine over time?  Is it any wonder people who eat large amounts of fast food suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, or chronic fatigue?   Forget the targeted advertising, the gimmicks, the sport sponsorships, the clever slogans and trendy storefronts. We need to think instead of our amazing bodies and the damage caused by long-term fast food consumption.  This remarkable organism that suffers immeasurably each time we indulge in such foods, and left unchecked, will result in a lifetime of disease and suffering.

Remember – we all have choices!  The question is:  What is yours going to be?


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