Moringa Leaf [Moringa Oleifera] – possibly the best superfood supplement on Earth

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Have you ever heard of Moringa Leaf?  I hadn’t heard much about this plant superfood until I was given a bottle for my birthday.  I admit, I literally felt the effects within days.  I was more alert, more energetic, my skin looked smoother, and I started sleeping better.  So I decided to research it a bit more, finding that there is quite a lot more to this plant than meets the eye.  In fact, it is probably one of the most (if not the most) nutritious plants on the planet.  The benefits of taking Moringa Leaf surpass almost any other supplement on the market.

Moringa thrives in areas such as India, Thailand, Africa, and the Philippines  It is such a complete food that it could probably be utilized in curbing much of the malnutrition and hunger issues plaguing a lot the countries where it grows.   An interesting point to note about this plant is that it comes into full leaf at the end of the dry season, when other food sources are in short supply.  It’s almost as though the Moringa tree grows in these regions for a real purpose – to eradicate malnutrition in the areas that suffer the worst!

The nutritional content of the Moringa is quite astounding, eclipsing the foods more commonly sought for the same reasons.   It contains more vitamin A than carrots; more iron than spinach; more than double the calcium of milk; triple the potassium of bananas; and more than six times the vitamin C of oranges!

Another amazing thing about Moringa is that the whole tree (except the roots) can be eaten, but the leaves are the most nutritious part.  They can be ground and added to pastries, omelets, or fruit smoothies for an instant energy boost and have a pleasant, nutty taste.

If not grown locally in your area,the Morin ga leaf is available in powdered form at most health food stores.  So whether you sprinkle it on your pizza, or take it in pill form after breakfast, one thing is for sure – you will feel the benefits of it.  Immediately.

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