Papaya – Nature’s Natural Cure

If you are lucky enough to live in a country with a tropical climate, then chances are that you have, at one time, enjoyed one of Mother Nature’s tastiest fruits.

Dubbed the “Fruit of the Angels” by Christopher Columbus, papaya is probably the most nutritious and beneficial fruit on the entire planet.

In addition to its delicious flavor, papaya contains high levels of Vitamins C, A, E, & K; potassium; magnesium; carotenes; fiber; and essential amino acids including carotenoids, lutein, and lycopene.  The high content of beta-carotene (in ripe papayas) helps to fight the signs of aging and combats cancer.

Papaya’s alkalizing affect on the body is crucial for maintaining the body’s pH balance, weight control, and overall digestive health.  Try eating some on an empty stomach!  You will immediately feel the cool, soothing sensation in your gut as the friendly enzymes get to work.  This internal “feel-good” sensation is testament to the medicinal qualities of this amazing fruit.

But perhaps papaya’s most significant component is the digestive enzyme known as papain.

Found especially in unripe papayas, papain is crucial for the digestion of proteins.  It is used in a variety of medicines, being hugely beneficial for lowering inflammation.  Why is this important?  Because inflammation is the root cause of several ailments and diseases, such as:

Acid Reflux
High Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
…..even premature aging!

I am not suggesting that papaya is a magical cure for all disease, but prevention is better than cure.  As always, food should be medicine, and medicine should be food.

But….. what should you do if you don’t have access to fresh papaya where you live?

Luckily, papaya enzyme supplements are available in most health-food stores, and are sold as digestive aids.   Those who suffer from acid reflux indigestion, or ulcers, could all benefit from this supplement, as the enzymes help to break down and digest food.   Because we eat so many cooked foods in our daily diet, our pancreas is under strain to produce digestive enzymes.  This puts an enormous strain on the body, using unnecessary energy reserves.
Taking a papaya supplement can significantly help the body in this process, resulting in more energy and vitality.

My experience
The reasons I exalt the benefits of this magical fruit are mostly down to personal experience.   At age 16 I was diagnosed with a severe acid stomach…and a potential stomach ulcer.  My doctor at the time immediately prescribed a powerful antacid called Tagamet.   Even at the tender age of 16 I knew there was something fundamentally wrong with a teenager taking prescription antacids, so I began researching­ alternative remedies.  All my research lead to one fruit:  Papaya (or Paw-Paw as it is known in South Africa).   People who had done a papaya detox found a drastic improvement in their digestion and overall, well-being – their symptoms all but vanishing.

I undertook a week-long papaya detox, then continued to eat papaya for breakfast every morning thereafter.  I felt an almost immediate, unprecedented change in the way I felt and even better, I stopped my medication.  Thus began an entirely new way of eating, and a new attitude towards food.

20 Years later I am still a dedicated papaya fan, and eat this delicious fruit for breakfast each morning.   It makes me feel good inside, look good on the outside; and best of all it tastes delicious.   I hope that wherever you are in the world, you can get to enjoy this hugely beneficial fruit too.

Thank you for reading and best of health to you.



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3 Responses to Papaya – Nature’s Natural Cure

  1. wartica says:

    I wish I could get access to papaya around me more often because it’s not only amazing for you, but it tastes equally as good:))

  2. You can probably pick up papaya supplements at a health-food store. Yes, you would lose the enjoyment of eating one, but you’d still get the benefits!

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